Backup your Linux machine the smart way

by Sukrit Dhandhania

Intelligent backup of your Linux machine’s valuable data doesn’t have to be complicated. Linux User & Developer’s Sukrit Dhandhania shows you quite how easy and effective rsync tool-based luckyBackup can make the process…

This article originally appeared in issue 90 of Linux User & Developer magazine.Backup your Linux machine the smart way Subscribe and save more than 30% and receive our exclusive money back guarantee – click here to find out more.

luckyBackup is a backup application for UNIX-based platforms such as Linux and Mac OS X. It is based on the very powerful and versatile rsync tool. It is simple to use, efficient by design, and comes with advanced data verification features. It’s also reliable and quite customisable. If you have used rsync in the past, you probably know just how well it blends flexibility with powerful features. For users who are familiar with Time Machine, the backup tool built into Apple’s Mac OS X, luckyBackup brings some similar features to the Linux platform.

Let’s look at how to get luckyBackup installed on your Linux computer and then we’ll examine how to set it up and get it going. After that we’ll look at some advanced tweaks that will take your backup process to a whole new level…

Backup your Linux machine the smart way

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